Learning about Natural Resources

I am really excited writing this blog. As this is much special for me because of many reasons. I was thinking to plan out, draft, redraft and go online. But due to my nature for doing things with little preparations, I could not stop myself writing here without thinking twice.

The context is of ‘1st School Environment Collaboration 2070’ of NTNSE. Earlier in the meeting of NTNSE, Mr. Tek Bohara proposed such a program which would not require any aid or fund from other sources but could make a difference in environmental education. We agreed upon this with no further delay with discussions or whatsoever. We called for applications and have selected seven schools including ourselves from Nepal where we conduct five special classes of environmental education at regular schools with regular teachers in a bit outdoor / student centered approaches and share among ourselves.

The first lesson ‘Natural Resources’ was planned as introductory class. Students were excited to know that similar approaches are being conducted in other 6 schools of Nepal. My pupils collected ‘cut-pieces’ of types of natural resources and classified those into perpetual-, renewable- and non renewable natural resources. I and my pupils are really excited to see what teachers from other schools are posting on this particular lesson.