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We started initially as a loosely organized network of otherwise busy teachers in Kathmandu who shared a common enthusiasm on the teacher development arena of Nepal. We started conducting events and programmes through collective efforts since 2009. We registered formally in April 2012 as Sustainable Education Group - Nepal (SEG-Nepal). We developed as an active organization formed through the efforts of networked teachers across Kathmandu, and other parts of Nepal.

We worked with various school teachers and networks of school teachers in Nepal from 2012 to 2015. We conducted various projects on teacher development, curricular exchanges, and digital pedagogy.

Examples of the projects/events that we were involved in as SEG-Nepal during these years are:

  1. ESD Workshop
  2. Fund Raising through Hiking
  3. ESD Conference
  4. Curricular Collaboration with Schools
  5. Online Collaboration of Nepalese University Students with Georgia State University Students
  6. Representation of Organization in Other Conferences
  7. Workshop on Education for Global Citizenship

We are now a defunct organization. There is always space in the free and open world so that enthusiastic members of society can work from their efforts to make the world better through any sector. In our efforts, we remained focused in teacher development.

With courtesy of Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. and Google, we are able to archive important pages of the website for longer term. Specifically, we have kept the PDF pages comprising the web-reports of the events, projects and programmes that we conducted during our active years from 2012-2015.

Archive of web-reports 2012-2015

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About Us

Sustainable Education Group – Nepal (SEG-N) started as an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization established in April 2012 and registered at District Administration Office, Kathmandu.


  1. to serve as a non-profit, welfare-based organization
  2. to act as a forum of Nepalese personalities contributing to Nepalese academia by sharing experiences and trainings
  3. to encourage Nepalese youth for contributing to education sector
  4. to have significant positive impact of education on society and environment by initiating and implementing relevant programs
  5. to develop sustainable and practical education by organized effort

Executive Committee (2014-2016)

Executive Committee (2012-2014)