• GCPL Classes

    A workshop was conducted by Mr Amar Bahadur Sherma, a founding member  of SEG-N, in April 2016.

  • A Conference on ‘Sustainable Education in Early Childhood: Nepalese Practice’

    The Sustainable Education Group-Nepal (SEG-N) organized a conference on ‘Sustainable Education in Early Childhood: Nepalese Practice’ on the occasion of Saraswoti Puja; worshipping of goddess of knowledge, dated 26 January 2015 though the occasion fell on 25 January, 2015.

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Work with us !

We always believe that positive change comes from grassroot efforts and also work with funds from the donors !

We never forget that we need members, volunteers and interns for joint leadership on our mission of positive changes in education and sustainability. There are three options to work with us: membership, internship and volunteering.


Membership is open to all Nepalese nationals. Membership form is obtained from our secretariat. Membership fee is NPR 1500 per annum and NPR 7500 for lifetime membership. Please contact us


Duration: 6 months OR depends on requirement of university

Salary and allowances: voluntary work

The roles of intern/volunteer will be:
1) increase membership (education enthusiasts, teachers, environmental education practitioners, teacher trainees, teacher trainers, and education lovers) by using social media.
2) write inspiring blogs
3) assist in fund raiser programs
4) assist in projects led by SEG-N
5) communicate with the executive committee members for meetings
6) disseminate information to members

The intern will get an experience certificate at the end of the internship period. However, if intern applies for the job vacancy, priority will be given to him/her. Same applies for volunteer as well.


 Our volunteer-member policy leads any potential fresh graduate to develop leadership and personal skills for enhancing career. Our joint leadership policy makes a pleasant working environment during activities like events, projects and programmes.

If you are interested in working with us, please mail to info (at) stating your details.

For International Graduates and Professionals:

If you are willing to volunteer, you can be part of our existing projects under tourist visa. We currently do not have special provision for international volunteers apart from their tourist visa status.