• GCPL Classes

    A workshop was conducted by Mr Amar Bahadur Sherma, a founding member  of SEG-N, in April 2016.

  • A Conference on ‘Sustainable Education in Early Childhood: Nepalese Practice’

    The Sustainable Education Group-Nepal (SEG-N) organized a conference on ‘Sustainable Education in Early Childhood: Nepalese Practice’ on the occasion of Saraswoti Puja; worshipping of goddess of knowledge, dated 26 January 2015 though the occasion fell on 25 January, 2015.

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Programs & Updates

Our programs are basically focused on education and sustainability. Specifically, our programs are on these topics: Lifelong Learning, Environmental Education, Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, Education for All, Teacher Development Program, Workshops / Training / Seminars for Teachers, Eco Clubs, E-networking of Teachers and so on.

More recently, as a result of successful networking, an enthusiastic teacher's family from Denmark got an opportunity to visit Shree Durga Bhawani Adarsha Community School, Dhikurpokhari - 9, Serachour, Kaski, Nepal and started to sponsor a needy child of grade 6 for 6 years. (Names of sponsor and sponsored child has been kept confidential for privacy concerns.)