• GCPL Classes

    A workshop was conducted by Mr Amar Bahadur Sherma, a founding member  of SEG-N, in April 2016.

  • A Conference on ‘Sustainable Education in Early Childhood: Nepalese Practice’

    The Sustainable Education Group-Nepal (SEG-N) organized a conference on ‘Sustainable Education in Early Childhood: Nepalese Practice’ on the occasion of Saraswoti Puja; worshipping of goddess of knowledge, dated 26 January 2015 though the occasion fell on 25 January, 2015.

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EC 2012-2014

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Mr. Parbat Dhungana, Assistant Professor, Kathmandu University - School of Education (KUSOED)

Executive Committee (2012-2014)

President: Dipesh Dulal
Vice-President: Tek Bahadur Bohara
Secretary: Rajendra Kattel
Joint-Secretary: Amar Bahadur Sherma
Treasurer: Subhash Thapa Magar
Member: Subash Duwadi (2012)
Member: Rajani Shrestha
Member: Bhavana Sedai
Member: Usha Shrestha
Member: Sajani Kandel


Sajani Kandel (Coordinator, Nepalese Teacher Network for Sustainable Education)


Khem Raj Awasthi